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Walk-Through Surprise!

First time homebuyers, Sam & Sarah, moments after their walk-through surprise.

First time homebuyers, Sam & Sarah, moments after their walk-through surprise.

The “walk-through” is the final preview of the home just before a closing – it gives the buyer an opportunity to check out the property before signing all the documents to make the house their very own.  We have attended hundreds of walk-throughs over the years and except for a few surprises in regards to the condition of the home, they are typically pretty uneventful.  The seller is cleared out of the house, the buyer is rushing around trying to get the final bank check and everyone is pretty tired at this point.

This walk-through was different!  Our client, Sam, called us the day before and said he was going to propose to Sarah at the house just before the closing.

He gave her a beautiful ring and she said yes!  We were lucky enough to take a picture of them coming out of the house, excited and ready to go to their closing together.   It was a joy for us to help them find their first home and we look forward to helping them over the years as they change and grow as a family.

At the Burns Real Estate Group, we specialize in helping first time home buyer’s find their very first home – this is an amazing time to be buying real estate and there are many opportunities and programs for first time home buyers.  The perception that no one is buying real estate or getting mortgages right now is simply not true.  Banks are giving great mortgages, people are buying and selling homes every day and the opportunities are fabulous! Please give us call today at (860) 429-2853 to see how we can be of help to you!

Halloween Open House

Halloween Open House! 

Everyone is invited to stop by the Burns Real Estate Group’s new office, located at 1066 Storrs Road in Storrs, Mansfield on Friday, October 31st from 12-5PM.  To get everyone in the mood for a fun-filled Hallowen there will be free candy, treats, cider and other surprises!  Adults and children are welcome, come by and say hello!

Global Rate Cuts

In an Unprecedented Move Banks Across the World Lower Interest Rates

In an unprecedented move, central banks across the world joined in lowering interest rates yesterday by 0.050%. This move follows Washington’s passing of the $700 billion Rescue Plan.

Fixed rate mortgages remain very attractive and home prices are more affordable. The opportuniity to have such low interest rates when prices are so affordable is unheard of.  Most first time home buyer’s cannot even begin to imagine what it was like in the days of 9% interest rates, never mind double digits! 

The government is working hard to strengthen the financial markets, as confidence returns, this could cause home loan rates to rise in the coming weeks and months.

To find out more about the current real estate opportunities in the UConn and Mansfield Storrs area, as well as throughout the entire Eastern CT. region, call the Burns Real Estate Group for information and advice – (860) 429-2853.  Make it a great day and a great year!

Free Investor Seminar: Making Money & Investing in Real Estate to Build Future Wealth

Local Real Estate Experts Host Free Event for Investors on October 22nd

            STORRS MANSFIELD, CT (October, 2008) – The Burns Real Estate Group | Keller Williams will be hosting a free seminar about investment opportunities in the current real estate market. Tom and Elaine Burns and a team of trusted advisors will show you how to turn a profit every month with real estate investments. The Burns Real Estate Group will be joined by real estate Attorney Jeffrey Walsh, CPA Aaron Johnson and Louise Fontaine, mortgage specialist from JP Morgan Chase, to discuss real investment issues. Topics include what purchase price is necessary to purchase a single family, 2-family or 3-family property versus rental income needed in order to make the numbers viable. Investors need to know what the real costs are and what will make them successful and profitable both now and in the future.

The investor seminar will be held on Wednesday, October 22nd from 6 PM to 8 PM at The Burns Real Estate Group’s new office located at 1066 Storrs Road, Suite B in Storrs Mansfield. Refreshments will be served.

“When properly invested, current equity can bring in three times as much income,” said Tom Burns. “You can earn rental income and save on taxes with real estate investments. Timing is of the essence – this is the perfect investor market with many ‘buying’ opportunities that will help build future equity and wealth for savvy investors.”

The Burns Real Estate Group is dedicated to making their clients a partner by helping them recognize opportunities and overcome challenges in the market, and then using their resources and skills to help their clients succeed in today’s environment. In addition to real estate educational outreach programs, The Burns Real Estate Group also supports several local & national organizations including the Brain Injury Association of Connecticut, The Children’s Miracle Network and Board of Connecticut Health Charities. They have a strong commitment for helping children and families in need in the local community and throughout the state.

To learn more about The Burns Real Estate Group | Keller Williams Realty, call Tom & Elaine Burns at 860.429.2853 or visit

Market Correction

With so much uncertainty and worry about the market, it is more vital than ever for your Real Estate Advisor to be knowledgable about the current economic market.

Home prices have corrected and fallen back into alignment with historic trends. The inventory of homes for sale is finally shrinking from the June 2008 peak. And, based on year-over-year comparisons, housing affordability is now higher than it’s been for the past five years. It’s true — the market is correcting!

How does this impact you if you are selling a home? 

How does this impact you if you are buying a home?

The Burns Real Estate Group has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best of the market and plan for your future.  Call to discuss the best plan for you and your family – we are here to help!

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