Really Turning 'Green' in Mansfield, CT

A Truly GREEN RoofGreen Roofs – More than just an adjective and not new to Connecticut

I’ve been researching some new ‘green’ topics and since we recently sold a home in Storrs Mansfield, CT with a “real” green roof. I thought it would be good to get a bit more info on this environmentally friendly to put a roof over your head!                   This really IS a Green Roof ->

Apparently I’m new to the parade in thinking about this green roof trend, because there is all sorts of info out there regarding this process.  Who knew?  I guess if you think about it has probably been a sensible way to make a roof for hundreds of years – I mean, they didn’t always have asphalt roofing shingles…….

Green is GoodThe Good in Green – Go Green!

Air!  We love good clean air in Mansfield, and people who live in many of the towns around here are the same – lots of “tree huggers”  who work hard to protect the environment.  Green roofs, like all things plant-related, scrub all the little nasties out of the air – which helps us breathe.  Also, these green roofs have a huge impact in reducing your home’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) costs.

And strangely enough, they increase the lifespan of your roof by about 20 years.  Who would have thought that adding soil and plant matter to the top of your home would be good for it?

Green RoofAnother little caveat I found states that green roofs can reduce peak energy demands up to 75% for businesses, but the average homeowner utilizing a green roof reported 20-25% reduction in heating and cooling costs. Some insurance companies, such as State Farm, are also offering a reduction in home insurance costs of up to 33% for installing green roofs.  How cool (or hot, depending on which season we are in) is that?

The Bad – Sorry, there is always something

$8-$25  per square foot…depending on the type of roof.  Also, maintenance is a little costlier.  The one biggie that got me though, was the time commitment.  There are different styles of green roofs, some more labor intensive than others, but even the least among them require “somebody” to get up on the roof and weed it now and then.  Just make sure your name isn’t “somebody” and you’ll be alright…if not, call me and I’ll help since I feel responsible for telling you all about it.

Oh, also – a green roof requires a bit more support than most roofs, and therefore needs to be professionally installed (a structural analyst should be consulted, etc.).  But it’s not like you were going to put your new roof up yourself anyway, right? 

14 Pollack Road in Mansfield Storrs, CTThe Ugly – Where?

Well…there really isn’t any – just had to stay with the theme!  This home on Pollack Road in Mansfield Storrs was a really, really cool house – the architect who designed it had some pretty unique ideas and…well, he just went with it when he designed the house, and the people who have owned the house since have loved it too! 

Imagine your own garden – right on top of your roof – in this house you could step out from the master bedroom to your own little path filled with flowers and plantings planted on the roof, again, very cool.  Talk about getting green!

This was a VERY cool “green” house!  We had some friends who were looking for a house and I kept telling them to come look at this one, they finally did and guess what?  They bought it and they love it!

That’s all I had for ‘Ugly’.   

At any rate, here is more info for you, to peruse at your leisure…

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AlterNet: “Green Roofs: Building the Future” 

Great Lakes Water Institute Green Roof Project: “Green Roof Installation” 

Green “The Greenroof Industry Resource Portal”

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Be GreenI thought the house we sold was really great and did not realize how green it was until I did more research – I know everyone is talking about geothermal these days – but how about some flowering rooftops, too?  This green stuff can really be fun!

I think that is what life and real estate should be too!