Archives: August 2009

Tom and Elaine Burns Help Clients Buying a Home in Mansfield CT Save $20,000!

Save Money When Buying CT Real EstateWe recently helped clients save $20,000 on their Mansfield CT home purchase!  After about 6 months of looking at homes for sale in Storrs Mansfield CT, they finally found the right home and they were ecstatic when the appraisal came in and the savings were confirmed: the appraisal was $20,000 higher than the price they were buying the house in Mansfield for! 

Is Saving Money for CT Home Buyers a Bad Thing?

Banks are difficult these days, but honestly…I did not expect that this would be a problem.  Really? They could not approve the loan because the house was worth so much more than the price they were paying for it. Does this make sense to you?  Continue reading

Life is full of challenges – fill it with some joy and laughter!

I just had to share this video, sometimes we all work so hard and forget to enjoy and celebrate the moments we have in life.  Tom and I have been through a lot together, and like this wonderful couple, we have come through it stronger as a couple and a family.  Our business as CT Realtors has led us to meet and become friends with  many people we simply would never have known otherwise.  We appreciate each and every one of them – don’t forget to fill your life with some laughter and joy, this video just made me smile and I hope you will too, turn up the music full volume!