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The Coventry Mansfield Ct MOMS Club Gives Support and Helps Families Connect

Coventry and Mansfield Ct MOMS Club

The MOMS Club of Coventry and Mansfield is a support group designed for the stay at home mom of today, this club also serves Storrs, Willimantic and Windham Ct.  The club is part of the International MOMS Club which was started in 1983 by a stay at home mom in  California who was tired of being at home alone and began looking for a way to connect with other stay at home moms, when she could not find an organization that met during the day she started the MOMS Club.  The MOMS (moms  offering moms support) Club offers support as well as organized play groups for children and is designed for moms who are interested in the world around them and want a variety of activities for themselves and their children

How to Help Families Find Support in a New Ct Community

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