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Winners of The Holiday Contest!

The winner of the holiday contest is the story submitted by Beverly German and the runner up is Michael Aiudi’s tip for a game that will certainly help get conversations going during a holiday party. Thank you so much for all the great tips and recipes, have a wonderful New Year!

Real Estate Activity for Ashford Ct, Andover Ct, Pomfret Ct, Woodstock Ct and Windham Ct from 11/22/09-11/30-09

Homes for Sale and the Current Real Estate Market Activity in Ashford, Andover, Pomfret, Woodstock and Windham Ct  from 11/22/09 – 11/30-09

We are tracking the local eastern Connecticut residential real estate activity to keep you up-to-date on the real estate market, and below are the statistics for the past week.

Ashford Ct

Ashford Ct saw one home come on the market as a new listing, priced below 300K, and one home went under deposit, also priced under 300K.

Andover Ct

Andover Ct had 3 homes come on the market as new listings with 1 priced above 300K.  One home, priced over 300K, went under deposit and one home priced below 300K went under deposit.

Pomfret Ct

Three homes on the market in Pomfret Ct had their listings expire, 2 were priced above 300K, there was no other residential real estate activity.

Woodstock Ct

Woodstock Ct had one home, priced below 300K, go under deposit, there were no new homes listed last week.  Ten homes expired, which seems to be very high, sometimes at this time of year sellers do take a break from the market in anticipation that the real estate market will be slow during the holiday season and due to the busy time of year.  Tom and I have often found that this is actually a good time to have a home on the market – with a decrease in listings, your home may be the one to catch a buyers eye.  We have tips and marketing strategies to position our clients homes properly in the market, if you have any questions about when to market your home or why it did not sell, give us a call at 860-429-2853 or email us directly at

Ashford, Andover, Pomfret and Woodstock Ct currently have 153 homes on the market, compared to 163 homes last week.

Windham and Willimantic  Ct

Windham Ct and Willimantic Ct had 6 new listings this past week and all were priced below 300K.  One home, priced below 300K went under deposit and 5 homes, all priced below 300K expired.

Windham Ct and Willimantic Ct currently have 99 homes on the market, compared to 100 homes last week.

Hebron Ct, Lebanon Ct, Manchester Ct, Bolton Ct, Marlborough Ct and Colchester Ct Real Estate Trends and Statistics for 11/22/09 – 11/30/09

Current Ct Real Estate Activity for the towns of Hebron, Lebanon, Manchester, Bolton, Marlborough and Colchester, Ct from 11/22/09-11/30/09

Hebron Ct

Hebron Ct had 2 homes come on the market as new listings, there was no other activity for home sales in Hebron Ct.

Lebanon Ct

Lebanon Ct had one home, priced below $300,000, come on the market as a new listing.  Three homes priced under $300,000 went under deposit, and 4 residential listings expired, one was priced above 300K.

Manchester, Ct

Six homes came on the market as new listings in Manchester Ct, 2 are priced above $300,000.  Seven homes, all priced below $300,000 went under deposit and 1 home priced above 300K went under deposit.  One new bank owned property came onto the market (this means the home has been foreclosed on and is now owned by, and being sold by, the bank).   Seven homes priced below 300K expired and one home priced above 300K  had it’s listing expire.

Bolton Ct

Two homes came on the market as new listings, both are priced above 300K.  Two homes, both priced below 300K  went under deposit and two listings expired during this period.

Marlborough Ct

There was no residential real estate activity in Marlborough Ct – everyone was enjoying the  Thanksgiving holiday!

Colchester Ct

Colchester Ct had one new listing priced below 300K  come on the market and one home went under deposit, it was priced above 300K.  During this period 3 homes expired and 1 was priced above 300K

Hebron, Lebanon, Manchester, Bolton, Marlborough and Colchester Ct  have 439 active listings, compared to 464 listings the week before.

During a holiday week, we typically expect the real estate market to be quiet, so it is good to see that a number of homes did go under deposit – we will review the current real estate market again in 7 days, in the meantime,  call us or email any questions you have about the local real estate market in eastern Ct.