Lake Bunggee Woodstock Ct

Fabulous Lake Bunggee in Woodstock Connecticut

Fabulous Lake Bunggee is approximately 111 acres in size and set in the bucolic, rolling hills of  Woodstock Ct.  Tall pines and winding roads surround the lake area, almost giving you the sense of being further north, perhaps at a lake in Vermont or New Hampshire.  The good news is that if you are looking for a full time residence in Ct, or a second home/vacation home within a reasonable distance of your primary Ct residence, or New York or Boston, this is the place to look! 

Here you will find cozy cabins as well as elegant lake properties, there are  usually a couple of lakefront homes for sale in the area, if you have questions about the lake and the properties located on it, be sure to give us a call, we are happy to help.  The lake is an easy commute to Boston, UConn and Hartford CT, and we know a number of people who have second homes on the lake and live in towns like Glastonbury, Ct or perhaps a bit further away, they love the easy commute and enjoy being able to get to their lakefront retreat in less than an hour.  Woodstock is part of Windham County, but is an easy drive for anyone living or working in the Tolland County areas as well.

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