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Tolland County Ct Home Sales Market Report


Tolland County Connecticut Market Trends

Tolland County, in Connecticut, is made up of 13 towns, including Ellington Ct, Tolland Ct, Mansfield Storrs Ct, Coventry Ct and Columbia Ct.  The recent pending  home sales and new listings coming on the market are important to watch whether you are a Tolland County home buyer or a seller. 

For the last 30 days the Tolland County area has had 88 residential properties go under deposit and 232 homes have come on the market as new listings, there are currently a total of 903 homes on the market in Tolland County.

Pricing Breakdown for Tolland County Pending Home Sales and Homes For Sale.

Under 200K – 34 homes went under deposit and 54 new listings came on the market – Currently there are 185 homes for sale in this price point.

 200K-300K –  35 homes went under deposit and 88 new listings came on the market – Currently there are 307 homes for sale in this price point.

300K-400K – 15 homes went under deposit and 54 new listings came on the market – Currently there are 211 homes for sale in this price point.

 400K-500K – 2 homes went under deposit and 24 new listings  came on the market – Currently there are 117 homes for sale in this price point.

Over 500K – 2 homes went under deposit and 12 new listings came on the market – Currently there are 83 homes for sale in this price point.

Positioning Your Tolland County Home to Sell

It is imperative, as a Tolland County home seller, that you talk with your Realtor to find out how to get your home pushed to the top of the home buyers list so YOUR home will be one of the “pending” sales in the next 30 days.  Make sure you ask for all current marketing trends while your home is on the market to be sure you are knowledgable about the home selling market and to be sure your home is positioned properly and marketed directly to your pool of buyers in the current marketplace.

We understand that while these are not great numbers, they do show us that homes are still selling!  We are often asked “is anything selling?” and the answer is yes – great marketing, correct positioning in the current market, and making sure your home is available, prepared and ready for any and all showings is crucial. 

Tolland County Home Buyers Have a Lot of  Good Choices and GREAT Mortgage Rates available to Them!

Buyers also need to be aware that homes are selling – in fact, homes that are viewed as well priced for the current market go under deposit, on average, in less than 30 days – that’s a big surprise to most buyers! Good properties, priced correctly, sell very fast to savvy buyers.  Be sure your Realtor is keeping you up to date on market trends too, and when a great property comes on the market you will be educated and able to make a good sound decision about whether or not the property is “right” for you. 

The mortgage rates are fantastic – we are reaching historic lows and the opportunity to buy a great home, at a great price, with great mortgage rates is a rare combination that you will want to take advantage of!

Please send in your comments and let us know what you are seeing in your home selling or buying process.  You can also call – 860-655-4688 or email  with any questions about the purchase or sale of a home in todays market, we are happy to be of help!

Real Estate Activity for Ashford Ct, Andover Ct, Pomfret Ct, Woodstock Ct and Windham Ct from 11/22/09-11/30-09

Homes for Sale and the Current Real Estate Market Activity in Ashford, Andover, Pomfret, Woodstock and Windham Ct  from 11/22/09 – 11/30-09

We are tracking the local eastern Connecticut residential real estate activity to keep you up-to-date on the real estate market, and below are the statistics for the past week.

Ashford Ct

Ashford Ct saw one home come on the market as a new listing, priced below 300K, and one home went under deposit, also priced under 300K.

Andover Ct

Andover Ct had 3 homes come on the market as new listings with 1 priced above 300K.  One home, priced over 300K, went under deposit and one home priced below 300K went under deposit.

Pomfret Ct

Three homes on the market in Pomfret Ct had their listings expire, 2 were priced above 300K, there was no other residential real estate activity.

Woodstock Ct

Woodstock Ct had one home, priced below 300K, go under deposit, there were no new homes listed last week.  Ten homes expired, which seems to be very high, sometimes at this time of year sellers do take a break from the market in anticipation that the real estate market will be slow during the holiday season and due to the busy time of year.  Tom and I have often found that this is actually a good time to have a home on the market – with a decrease in listings, your home may be the one to catch a buyers eye.  We have tips and marketing strategies to position our clients homes properly in the market, if you have any questions about when to market your home or why it did not sell, give us a call at 860-429-2853 or email us directly at

Ashford, Andover, Pomfret and Woodstock Ct currently have 153 homes on the market, compared to 163 homes last week.

Windham and Willimantic  Ct

Windham Ct and Willimantic Ct had 6 new listings this past week and all were priced below 300K.  One home, priced below 300K went under deposit and 5 homes, all priced below 300K expired.

Windham Ct and Willimantic Ct currently have 99 homes on the market, compared to 100 homes last week.

Hebron Ct, Lebanon Ct, Manchester Ct, Bolton Ct, Marlborough Ct and Colchester Ct Real Estate Trends and Statistics for 11/22/09 – 11/30/09

Current Ct Real Estate Activity for the towns of Hebron, Lebanon, Manchester, Bolton, Marlborough and Colchester, Ct from 11/22/09-11/30/09

Hebron Ct

Hebron Ct had 2 homes come on the market as new listings, there was no other activity for home sales in Hebron Ct.

Lebanon Ct

Lebanon Ct had one home, priced below $300,000, come on the market as a new listing.  Three homes priced under $300,000 went under deposit, and 4 residential listings expired, one was priced above 300K.

Manchester, Ct

Six homes came on the market as new listings in Manchester Ct, 2 are priced above $300,000.  Seven homes, all priced below $300,000 went under deposit and 1 home priced above 300K went under deposit.  One new bank owned property came onto the market (this means the home has been foreclosed on and is now owned by, and being sold by, the bank).   Seven homes priced below 300K expired and one home priced above 300K  had it’s listing expire.

Bolton Ct

Two homes came on the market as new listings, both are priced above 300K.  Two homes, both priced below 300K  went under deposit and two listings expired during this period.

Marlborough Ct

There was no residential real estate activity in Marlborough Ct – everyone was enjoying the  Thanksgiving holiday!

Colchester Ct

Colchester Ct had one new listing priced below 300K  come on the market and one home went under deposit, it was priced above 300K.  During this period 3 homes expired and 1 was priced above 300K

Hebron, Lebanon, Manchester, Bolton, Marlborough and Colchester Ct  have 439 active listings, compared to 464 listings the week before.

During a holiday week, we typically expect the real estate market to be quiet, so it is good to see that a number of homes did go under deposit – we will review the current real estate market again in 7 days, in the meantime,  call us or email any questions you have about the local real estate market in eastern Ct.

Tolland Ct, Willington Ct, Coventry Ct, Storrs Ct, Mansfield Ct and Columbia Ct Home Sales and Real Estate Statistics for 11/22/09-11/30/09

The Latest Ct Real Estate Statistics

We are tracking the  latest real estate statistics for residential properties, last week was Thanksgiving, and typically a slow time for home sales in Connecticut, but there is always some activity in the real estate market and this is what happened in real estate for the following eastern Connecticut towns.

Tolland Ct Real Estate

One new listing came on the market, priced below $300,000.  Three home listings expired, 2 were priced below $300,000 and one priced above, two homes went under deposit, one priced above $300,000. 

Willington Ct Real Estate

Willington Ct did not have any homes come on the real estate market as new listings, and did have one home go under deposit that was priced above $300,000.

Coventry Ct Real Estate

Coventry Ct had two homes come on the market as new listings last week and both are priced below $300,000 – one of these new listings is a short sale, meaning that the seller owes more on the mortgage than the current market value of the home.   Tom and Elaine Burns are short sale specialists, if you are a buyer or seller and need help or have questions about short sales or foreclosures, please give us a call.

Columbia Ct Real Estate

Columbia Ct did not have any new listings come on the market this week and there were 3 homes that has their listings expire, one was priced above $300,000.  Two homes went under deposit and both were priced below $300,000.

There are Currently 285 Homes For Sale in Tolland, Willington, Coventry, Storrs, Mansfield and Columbia Ct, Compared to 299 Homes One Week Ago.

146 of the homes are priced above $300,000.  Six homes in these towns went under deposit from 11/22/09 – 11/30/09,  two were priced above $300,000, compared to 3 homes priced below $300,000 going under deposit the week before.  n homes expired, (meaning the homes did not sell during the time they were  on the market and the listing has now expired), five of the expired listings were priced above $300,000.

Four new listings(compared to 15 the week before) came on the market and 1 is a short sale.  We will check in again, in about 7 days with more updates, in the meantime, call us at 860-429-2852  and let us know if you have any questions!

Hebron Ct, Lebanon Ct, Manchester Ct, Bolton Ct, Marlborough Ct and Colchester Ct Up to Date Real Estate Activity

The Most Recent Real Estate Activity in the Towns of Hebron Ct, Lebanon Ct, Manchester Ct, Bolton Ct, Marlborough Ct and Colchester Ct from 11/14/09-11/21/09

Hebron Ct – Hebron had 3 new listings come onto the market in the last 7 days,  2 of these are priced over $300,000.  One listing for a home expired, it was priced at $275,000, 2 homes went under deposit, priced at  244K and 359K.  No new foreclosed home or short sale properties came onto the market.

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Real Estate Activity in Tolland Ct, Storrs Ct, Mansfield Ct, Coventry Ct, Columbia Ct and Willington Ct

Real Estate Activity in Tolland Ct, Willington Ct, Coventry Ct, Storrs Ct, Mansfield Ct and Columbia Ct  from 11/14/09 – 11/21/09

We know it can be hard to track the real estate market, the numbers come out long after the actual activity has occurred. Tom and I are going to keep you up-to-date on current, local real estate activity in the  Eastern Ct towns we cover on a weekly basis.  We will track how many new listings come onto the market, how many homes have sold, how many foreclosures and short sales come onto the market and how many homes go under deposit and in what price ranges.  We will cover a number of towns, this is the  real estate activity from 11/14/09 – 11/21/09 for the following towns:

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First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension

First Time Home Buyer Extension Plus a Tax Credit for Everyone Who Has Owned Their Home For 5 Years

The new proposal extending the first time home buyer tax credit that is due to expire on November 30th  is still working it’s way through Washington, Senate leaders have agreed  to support extending the $8,000 first time homebuyer tax credit which will also offer a tax credit of up to $6500 to buyers who already own a home.  In order to qualify for the $6500 credit, repeat home buyers will need to have owned their current home for at least 5 years.  The new extension, if approved by the full Senate and then voted on and approved by the House,  will allow buyers to have until April 30th 2010 to get a signed purchase and sales contract on a home  and then they will have until June 30th to close.

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Tom and Elaine Burns Bring Their Clients a Full Price Offer!

Yes, we were pleased when, after having our clients home on the market for a number of months, we finally got them a full price offer!  The house had been languishing on the market, and after reviewing market statistics with them, they followed our advice to use our “Current Pricing Strategy” along with some unique marketing strategies. Almost immediately the showings for their home increased dramatically, and within 3 weeks they received a full price offer.

Identity Crisis: A Tale of Two Houses

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