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Andover Lake in Andover Ct

Peaceful Andover Lake 

Andover Lake Home viewAndover Lake in Andover Ct is one of those areas and lakes that just make you want to slow down, relax and enjoy your life a bit.  Tom and I have always loved this lake and the fact that it is so peaceful and quiet enhances the quality of the lifstyle on Andover lake even more.  I grew up in neighboring Coventry Ct, spent all my summers on Coventry lake and have always treasured the quality of  a lake lifestyle.

Lake Lifestyle Experience and Lake Expertise go Together

When you own a lake property, just waking up everyday to the view of the water pretty much gets you off to a good start – if it doesn’t, well, probably nothing will.  We have shown and sold properties on every lake in the area for years and our love of lakes and lake lifestyle has led us to own a number of different lake properties over the years. We even owned 2  lake homes at one time for about 2 years!  Lake life is unique and so is listing and selling lake homes – you really need to know what your market is and the many qualities about lake homes and the surrounding areas in order to find the perfect match when someone is ready to sell or buy a home on a wonderful lake like Andover Lake in Ct. Wth our office location in Storrs Ct and the office in West Hartford, CT we are well known expert lake home specialists for a  large part of Ct

Hmmmm……..I’d like to make a lake please

Andover Lake is known as one of the cleanest lakes in Ct and was first formed in the 1920’s.  Many people do not know this, but almost all the lakes in a large area of Ct are man made!  Usually a couple of streams were dammed up (as is the case with Andover lake) and then the bed of the lake was cleared and the lake was formed.   Years ago, you could do something like this – can you imagine dealing with the DEP now and telling them you wanted to “make a lake?”  Probably not……

Powerboat or Non Powerboat…Which Fits Your Lifestyle?

The homes on Andover lake are always highly sought after and swimming, canoeing, kayaking and fishing are some of the recreational activities enjoyed here.  There are no powerboats allowed on the lake and we have found over the years that there are two kinds of lake property buyers.  There are those who want a power boat and water skiing lake, or those who absolutely do not – Andover is the perfect lake for someone looking for a peaceful, tranquil setting for a year round home or weekend/vacation home.  I also love the proximity to everything – you can easily commute to UConn in Storrs or  Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic as well as an easy commute to Hartford Ct.  Andover is that great mix of small town America with all the amenities you could want only a short drive away – The Shoppes at Evergreen in South Windsor, one of my favorite destinations with Burtons Grill (delicious) located right there is only about 20 minutes away.  For more information on this beautiful lake check out our lake website